Degustation Menu “Durbach”


Date 2020
September 26

7 p.m.
€ 75.00
incl. wine


Degustation Menu “Durbach”

The grapes of the Durbach Winzergenossenschaft
grow and mature almost exclusively in steep slopes
on rocky granite weathered soils. Through manual harvesting, traditional but progressive cellar man-
agement, excellent wines are produced from the finest grape varieties. Typical for the regional spectrum
are Klingelberger (Riesling), Clevner (Traminer), Spätburgunder Weißherbst, Spätburgunder Rotwein and Grauer Burgunder.

Culinary we remain in the Baden cuisine – enriched with a fine, French note. Thus we bring the treasures
of this extraordinary Baden wine location to full advantage.

The good is often so close. Be there with us!

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