Wine testing menu “Burgundy/Bourgogne“

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Date 2024
September 21

19 h

€ 95,00
incl. wines


Wine testing menu “Burgundy/Bourgogne“

Let’s start with surprises for the palate: Do you like Dijon mustard? It tastes great with rabbit. Or “Chicken de Bresse“ from the oven? Perhaps „Escargots de Bourgogne“ or would you rather prefer truffles in a terrine or over tagliatelle? As you can see, it won’t be easy for the kitchen to decide whether to serve the famous “Coq au Vin de Bourgogne“ or “Boeuf Bourgignon“ from Charolais beef.

Just take a seat, enjoy the menu and the wine – the red wines from the Côte d’Or or the Beaujolais, the white wines from the Chablis.

Please make a note and book in advance!

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