Traditional Italian Wine Tour


2023 dates
January 21
May 20
July 22

at 19:00 h

86,00 €
incl. wine


Traditional Italian Wine Tour

The culinary wine tour across Italy has become
an eagerly anticipated part of our series. We are
delighted to present you Mrs. Haberer-Bächle’s
extensive knowledge of the Italian wine regions.
She travels the areas which are ripe with vineyards
all across this exciting southern European country
in search of viticultural treasures. She reveals
insider tips and offers an exquisite sampling of
typical “pane & olio” (bread & olive oil) to help
inspire the degustation.

Alongside her wine selections we will serve you
an authentic “flavour trip” with exceptional,
multicourse gastronomic menus. Of course, the
Italian “dolce” – the legendary sweets and desserts
– will make their presence felt.

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