Cuisine & service


Our hearts favour the Mediterranean recipes
and those from the region of Baden. Prepare
your senses to incomparable experiences that
will invite you to a trip between the original
“Cucina Siciliana” in its traditional way of
preparation and the region of Baden
cuisine, influenced by its French

High level

All of our dishes are home-made. Our excellent
cuisine prefers fresh products chosen from the
biological or local agriculture.

Enjoy the fact of beeing our guest. At the “Dorer”
you will find professional competence paired
with a relaxed and natural kindness. An
inviting symbiosis that joins vivid hospitality
and a high-level international service. You
can already be pleased about that!

Hotel Dorer • 78141 Schönwald / Schwarzwald • Fon +49 (0) 77 22 / 95 05 - 0 • Fax - 30 •