Tête-à-Tête „Languedoc & Piemont“


Date 2019
January 25

7 p.m.
€ 70,00
incl. wines


Tête-à-Tête „Languedoc & Piemont“

With “Land & Sea” and a multi-layered Mediterranean cuisine, we bring together culinary delights that at first glance seem quite contradictory: Today, Mdme Huang and Frau Haberer-Bächle present the wine regions “Languedoc” (Southern France) and “Piedmont” (Northern Italy).

Two great terroirs that promise a lot of fun with their special features, wines and philosophies. While the wines of Château Moyau benefit from the Mediterranean Sea and limestone soils, the wines of Piedmont are characterized by the hilly location at the foot of the Alps, by temperature changes and the humidity of the typical fog.

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