Off to Sweden – “Our Midsummer” (ENG)


Date 2024
June 22

19 h
45.00 €
incl. Aquavit


Off to Sweden – “Our Midsummer” (ENG)

“Midsummer” in Sweden is a festival from another world. People wear wreaths of flowers in their hair and dance and sing around a decorated midsummer tree.
The Swedes celebrate this day with fires, music and an extensive buffet of hot and cold dishes. The classics include various pickled herrings, salmon, young potatoes, aquavit (included) and fresh strawberries with whipped cream.

Laura & Matthias spent two years in Sweden and Midsummer enchanted them. With “We love life and summer in Sweden”, they want to share their impressions.

By the way: In Sweden, you are wellcome to share the table and join in the party. But it’s also fun as a whole group.

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