Semaine pour l’amant de poissons 2024


2024 dates
February 17 to March 03

opens daily from

18:30–20:30 h
(Lunchtime by
pre-order only)

Reservation required!

For Seafood Lovers (ENG)

There is no contradiction in enjoying oneself
during the fasting period, when this kind of
indulgence prepares the senses for high-quality,
elegant cuisine featuring turbot, monkfish,
lobster and oysters. Together with market-fresh
vegetables and salad, these delicacies from rivers
and sea will help welcome the upcoming springtime.

For us, fish is a “passion” because it is so varied in flavour and presentation. As is customary in cuisines close to the sea, we play it elegantly in starters, from raw to marinated to flash-fried on skewers. In the main course, we favour the firm fillet, usually from the cold deep sea, without chi-chi, sometimes fried on the skin with herbs or cooked in a stunning jus or luscious creamy sauce.

You are sure to be surprised!
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When do we meet at the DORER?

Hotel Dorer • 78141 Schönwald / Schwarzwald • Fon +49 (0) 77 22 / 95 05 - 0 • Fax - 30 •