Semaine pour l’amant de poissons


2022 date
February 05–20

opens daily from

18:30–21:00 h
(Lunchtime by
pre-order only)


Semaine pour l’amant de poissons

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For Seafood Lovers
There is no contradiction in enjoying oneself
during the fasting period, when this kind of
indulgence prepares the senses for high-quality,
elegant cuisine featuring turbot, monkfish,
lobster and oysters. Together with market-fresh
vegetables and salad, these delicacies from rivers
and sea will help welcome the upcoming springtime.

Our diverse menu (download) offers, for example,
Carpaccio of black forest trout, Turbot consommé
with crab dumplings, Oysters with pumpernickel
and Fillet of cod with curry vegetables and rice.

Ensure that you don’t miss the festivities – quick and
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You are sure to be surprised!

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