Italian wine testing “Aromi d’Autunno“


2023 date
October 21

at 19:00 h

115,00 €
incl. wine


Italian wine tour „Aromi d’Autunno“

On this evening, let yourself be led through
the fascinating and exciting world of game,
wild birds, truffles & chestnuts.

Inspired through traditional “Cucina Italiana”
recipes, we offer you Italian gourmet dishes
– multilayered, nuanced and of the highest

A wonderful way to enjoy autumn!
Mrs. Haberer-Bächle presents an assortment
of wonderful wines as well as her profound
knowledge of the intricacies of her treasures
from the wine cellar and the “terroir” of the
Italian wine culture.

Be sure to note this date and reserve your table!

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