Qutumn wine tour “Aromi d’Autunno“


2024 date
October 19

at 19:00 h

135,00 €
incl. wine


Autumn wine tour “Aromi d’Autunno”

With “Aromi d’Autunno” we offer you upscale Italian gourmet cuisine with the best that “forest & sea” have in store for us.

It’s the time for porcini mushrooms and truffles in particular – combined with simple dishes, they make stunning meals. Autumn also tempts us with game specialities and delicacies from the sea.

How chestnuts, pumpkins, artichokes and other delicacies will find their way into our menu will probably only trigger our palates when we present the “autumn delights”.

Our wine journey will take you through Italy, with light freshness and great depth emphasising the menu.

Be sure to note this date and reserve your table!

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