Highlight: Rum-Tasting with Menu


Date 2024
Juni 1

19 h

€ 95,00
inkl. Rum

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Hightlight: Rum-Tasting with Menu

Rum is not only a pleasure for the palate, but also carries a fascinating piece of history. Rum has always been the drink of adventurers and buccaneers before it found its way from Brazil and the Caribbean to our glasses.

Wein-Riegger (Villingen) presents a range of the world’s best rum varieties from white to brown. Rum is made from sugar cane in three stages: fermentation is followed by distillation and maturation, which gives it a unique “stamp of origin”.

Culinary delights await you in the form of delicious Baden cuisine, seasonally rich in regional ingredients, refined with a Mediterranean flavour.

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