Gourmet festival 2024


2024 date
November 16

at 19:00 h

135,00 €
incl. wine

Please book soon, demand
is high.

Festival of the senses with “Fish
and crustaceans”

Salvatore and Matthias are also in complete agreement on this principle: lobster, crab, mussels and fine fish should be prepared fresh and in the finest way. But how the two of them interpret “the treasures of the seas” should be exciting.

The older one loves the great, traditional Mediterranean cuisine. The younger one feels at home in gourmet and fine dining. Combining the two will be a firework display, the pleasure of a new order! You can look forward to it.

To go with it: selected wines à la Haberer-Bächle – matching, sparkling or sometimes “edgy”. It has to be that way, you’ll see.

Culinary calender 2024

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